Picture Name Cost Tokens Limited?
Jake Jake Default No No
Tricky Tricky No TrickyHatIcon x3 No
Fresh Fresh No Fresh's Radio Icon x50 No
Spike Spike No Spike's Guitar Icon x200 No
Yutani Yutani No Yutani's UFO Icon x500 No
Lucy Lucy Coin 7,000 No No
Tagbot Tagbot

Coin 12,000



Ninja Ninja Coin 20,000 No No
Zombie Jake Zombie Jake Coin 95,000 No Yes
Frizzy Frizzy

Coin 150,000

No No
50px Elf Tricky Coin 95,000 No Yes
Tony Tony Coin 95,000 No Yes
Carmen Carmen Coin 95,000 No Yes
Brody Brody Coin 350,000 No No
Prince K Prince K

Coin 980,000

No No

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