Mystery Box

Mystery Boxes randomly occur in Subway Surfers and hold an assortment of special prizes. These prizes range from common all the way up to the Jackpot. The most common items found in Mystery Boxes are character tokens. These include Trickys' Hat, Fresh's Stereo, Spike's Guitar, and Yutani's UFO. The next level of items in Mystery boxes are headstarts and coins. Special items include headstarts,up to 10 hoverboards,and coins up to 1,500. Items even rarer than those are mega headstarts,trophies,and 5,000 coins. The most elusive and rare item of all is the jackpot, of 100,000 coins. Mystery boxes can also be bought in the store for 500 coins. Super mystery boxes hold better prizes than mystery boxes but can only be acquired by completing daily challenges or by completing a mission set after reaching multiplier ×30.

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