Subway Surfers is game made by Kiloo and Sybo Games.
It is a 'run' game about a fictional gang known as the "Subway Surfers", who explore subways and tag their logo on trains.


The player plays as one of the many characters in the Subway Surfers crew. They must run through the subway, being chased by The Inspector, while avoiding numerous obstacles, such as barriers, hedges, and even moving trains. The player must swipe either left or right on the screen to move to the lane on that side of the character, up to jump over small obstacles, or down to perform a roll. While they are doing this, the player will be scoring themselves points for how far they run and collecting coins to spend in the games shop. There is a daily challenge for the player to complete every day, which involves collecting large, green letters that spell out a word, such as 'Roll' or 'Star'. On completion of a daily challenge, the player will be awarded with a certain amount of money or a Super Mystery Box, depending on how many days in a row they have completed them. Numerous Power-Ups are availible for the player to pick up and use, such as a Coin Magnet which causes Coins to gravitate towards the player, or a Jetpack, which allows the player to soar high above the tracks and avoid any obstacles, effectively granting them a period of invincibility.

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