The Inspector (Real name Broodibus A. Jopobus) is the main antagonist in Subway Surfers. He, along with his The Inspector's Dog, patrols the subway, making ure that there are no trespassers or vandals skulking around. He is the reason for the subway surfers running through the subway. He will see whichever character the player has decided to play as writing graffiti on the side of a train and yell at them, causing the character to run. He will almost catch the player if they bump into an obstacle, only catching them if they run into an obstacle, unless they are hit by a train. He dresses up in costumes for different events, such as Santa Claus for Christmas, or transforming into Frankenstein's Monster for Halloween.


  • It is possible to cause The Inspector to be hit by a train. If the player allows him to catch up with them by bumping an obstacle before running into a moving train, he too will be hit by the train.
  • Based off of my Knowledge there are 6 different oufits the inspector( and his dog has worn)...Edit if you have a different number
  • It is possible for the inspector to roll,just  like all the characters
  • however, the dog does not do the same thing

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